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Georgia residents beware: scammers steal Social Security checks

Social Security Disability benefit recipients in Georgia know that it is important to receive payments in a timely manner. Many of those who get benefits each month count heavily on the income. When the Social Security Disability payments fail to arrive, the impact is often major.

Georgia residents will be interested to learn about a recent case in which a man discovered that his Social Security payments had gone missing. Since 1995, the man had received his payments through the mail. Each month they arrived without a problem. Then, in December 2011, the benefit check did not come.

After some investigation, it was discovered that the man's benefit checks had been rerouted to Wal-Mart money cards. It was discovered that a scam artist had contacted the Social Security Administration and, using the man's personal information, had changed his method of payment. Fortunately, as in most cases in which a payment has been lost or stolen, the agency replaced the missing payments, and the man received his benefits.

The agency warns Social Security Disability recipients that they should be protective of their personal information. The agency also states that it does not contact clients by telephone to request information such as a Social Security number, birth date or other personal data. The warning from the Social Security Administration goes on to say never to provide such information without being sure of whom you are speaking to on the telephone or receiving emails from.

In the matter of the man with the missing checks, the agency is continuing to investigate. If SSD recipients in Georgia discover that they have missing payments, steps should be taken immediately to recover the benefit. It is often a stressful situation for those who have lost their payment, but they are advised to contact the agency immediately and seek whatever assistance is necessary to protect their benefits in the future.

Source: nbc4i.com, "Chillicothe Senior Citizen Has 2 Social Security Checks Stolen," Rick Reitzel, March 7, 2012

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