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Depletion of SSDI funds means time is of the essence

Many people in Georgia and throughout the country rely on Social Security disability benefits to pay for monthly expenses. When a person cannot work due to an injury or illness, the SSDI program is designed to help. In the event that a person is ineligible to receive such benefits, it may still be possible to receive Supplementary Security Income instead.

But with an ever increasing number of people who require Social Security disability benefits as well as retirement benefits, the trust funds for both programs are strained, according to reports. Recently, the Social Security Administration announced that the disability program is in danger of running out of funds as early as 2016. This is said to be due, in part, to the increase in claims and the decrease in workers paying into the Social Security fund.

Under the current Social Security disability program, the average benefit recipient gets $1,111 per month. However, officials suggest that this amount is likely to change if the fund goes dry. According to estimates, the fund will only be able to pay a portion of the benefits to recipients if legislative changes are not enacted to bolster this life-saving program.

This entitlements provided by the SSDI program were developed to help people get by in the wake of a disabling illness or injury. If a person doesn't qualify for SSDI payments, then he or she may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income. Or, in some cases, people are eligible to receive benefits from both programs.

Just because the Social Security Administration has reported some disheartening news does not mean that disabled Georgia residents should refrain from applying for benefits. The application process can take some time, but it is better to take those necessary steps now than to wait. Moreover, a legal professional who knows the ins and outs of SSDI applications can help expedite the application process.

Source: WTVM.com, "Social Security heading for insolvency even faster," Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Stephen Ohlemacher, April 23, 2012

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