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SSI for disabled children in budget discussions

It is not only adults who qualify for Supplemental Security Income -- children may also be eligible. According to officials, disabled children receive $10 billion annually through the SSI program. This important part of Social Security benefits has recently been the subject of discussion regarding the budget shortfalls suffered by the Social Security system in general.

The SSI program for disabled children is important for many Georgia families who are on the edge, financially speaking. For lower-income families who are raising disabled children, an SSI payment to a child can be up to $700 per month. Disabled children often need constant care, and SSI payments help ensure that parents and family members are able to provide that necessary assistance.

In recent years, the number of disabled children has increased. Some officials believe the increase is due to the larger number of kids who have been diagnosed with such diseases as Autism and ADHD. Others assert that the growing number of disabled kids may have something to do with the increasing poverty rate and the recession that our country has suffered over the past few years. There is no clear evidence as to the exact cause of the higher number of children being placed on disability, but there is no question that many families are in dire need of SSI payments.

While officials in the government continue to scrutinize Social Security in the interest of budget cuts, families in Augusta and throughout the country remain in need of funds provided through the SSDI and SSI programs. Individuals and families who are seeking such payments will want to explore all of their legal options for obtaining them in a timely manner.

Source: boston.com, "SSI program for disabled children gets further scrutiny in nation's capital," Patricia Wen, May 11, 2012

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