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January 2013 Archives

Georgia clinic takes a stand in fight against prostate cancer

Georgia readers might be surprised by the following statistic: the state's death rate from prostate cancer ranks as the sixth highest per capita in the nation.

Masters Tournament winner describes anxiety disorder symptoms

Masters tournament winner and golf pro Bubba Watson recently described experiencing panic attacks -- a common symptom of several types of anxiety disorders -- as feeling like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. The disclosure, made in a recent interview, is the latest in a series of public announcements by professional athletes admitting to suffering from various anxiety disorders, including fellow golfer and PGA winner Charlie Beljan.

Georgia courts address mental disorders in defendants

Courts in Georgia are demonstrating a commitment to those with mental health problems or disorders in the state's criminal justice system. Currently about 20 courts are dedicated to such defendants. Called accountability courts, the tribunals may include juvenile or adult felony courts, adult misdemeanor courts, or even hybrid courts that handle both felony drug and mental health defendants. Several counties are also starting new mental health courts.

Georgia Tech researchers develop device for orthopedic disability

According to one study, more than 200,000 kids in the U.S. public school system have some sort of orthopedic disability.

Prolonged flu-like symptoms may indicate chronic condition

Georgia physicians estimate that patient visits due to the flu this year are perhaps 15% to 20% higher than last year. Although several neighboring states are seeing the most activity, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still cautions that the level of influenza infection in Georgia is increasing. Fortunately, a local CDC spokesman believes there will be enough flu vaccines for everyone who wants to get one.

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