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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives

Research may have applications to autoimmune disorders

A recent research discovery may have broad applications to the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Researchers have discovered a protective, natural response system that may explain why some individuals are able to remain healthy, despite being at-risk for certain genetic conditions.

Federal agency launches asthma educational campaign

For many, asthma is a manageable condition. With the help of medicated inhalers or other treatments, students and workers may be able to carry on their normal activities, without requiring disability leave or assistance from programs such as Social Security disability insurance.

Researchers look for answers behind miracle recoveries

Readers may have heard amazing success stories from cancer survivors, perhaps involving accounts of unexplained remission. One example might be a patient whose response to a cancer drug or treatment was so positive that he or she was practically cured. In such cases, medical doctors might be at a loss to explain why the patient made a seemingly miraculous recovery. The result might seem even more inexplicable to other patients with the same condition who must face a long battle against their potentially deadly disease or disability.

Insurance changes may result in more alternative care options

An increasing number of insurance providers are approving alternative therapies, especially in the case of patients with hard-to-treat, chronic disabilities or conditions. According to the National Institutes of Health, perhaps as many as forty percent of Americans are incorporating some modality of alternative medicine in their treatment plans.

Will the FDA revisit its approval of aspartame?

In the hot months of the Georgia summertime, sweet tea is a favorite of many locals. Yet this tasty beverage contains high amounts of sugar, which can elevate blood sugar levels, triggering increased insulin production and potential weight gain. As we’ve discussed in past posts, obesity may lead to more serious health issues, and potentially disabling conditions requiring Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Surviving a stroke may only be half of the recovery spectrum

Survivors of a stroke can count themselves lucky, according to data from the American Stroke Association. The organization attributes stroke as ranking fourth in causes of death in America.

Researchers develop new theory about fibromyalgia pain

In previous posts to Georgia readers about fibromyalgia, we’ve discussed the challenge associated with treating this disease may arise from the lack of physiological tissue damage. Although a patient may report symptoms of pain, that information may be the result of dysfunctioning proprioceptors.

Hormone levels may affect chronic conditions

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than a physical affliction or disability that does respond to treatment, and for which doctors may not have an understanding of its cause. Chronic fatigue syndrome might be one example of a difficult-to-treat condition.

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