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SSI helps Georgia parents care for disabled children at home

A former Georgia family that used to provide care for their disabled child at home encountered more obstacles when they moved to a neighboring state. Their disabled child requires 24-hour care, and Georgia allowed them to use their federal benefits assistance for home-care, rather than going to an institution. The neighboring state, however, did not offer that same flexibility.

SSI there to help when disability makes working impossible

When children or adults are disabled in Georgia, it is understandably difficult for them to provide for themselves or find employment. This difficulty is why the U.S. government, through the Social Security Administration, created the Supplemental Security Income or SSI program, which pays benefits to individuals who have suffered disabilities and are unable to earn an income.

SSI for disabled children in budget discussions

It is not only adults who qualify for Supplemental Security Income -- children may also be eligible. According to officials, disabled children receive $10 billion annually through the SSI program. This important part of Social Security benefits has recently been the subject of discussion regarding the budget shortfalls suffered by the Social Security system in general.

Depletion of SSDI funds means time is of the essence

Many people in Georgia and throughout the country rely on Social Security disability benefits to pay for monthly expenses. When a person cannot work due to an injury or illness, the SSDI program is designed to help. In the event that a person is ineligible to receive such benefits, it may still be possible to receive Supplementary Security Income instead.

Georgia residents beware: scammers steal Social Security checks

Social Security Disability benefit recipients in Georgia know that it is important to receive payments in a timely manner. Many of those who get benefits each month count heavily on the income. When the Social Security Disability payments fail to arrive, the impact is often major.

How can disabled children receive SSI?

Georgia residents may know that children with serious disabilities can be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income. But the criteria for receiving SSI can also be somewhat complex. While many children have a physical condition that results in high medical bills, a number of factors have to be considered by a government agency before children in the Augusta area and throughout the country can receive SSI benefits.

New Study: 20 percent of Americans suffer from mental illness

Readers in the Augusta area may be interested to know that, according to a new report, one in five Americans suffered some form of mental illness in 2010, and about 5 percent endured such serious mental illness that it interfered with work, school or family. The report was provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and Georgia residents who are concerned with Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for mental disorders will likely want to know more.

3.6 percent increase in Social Security benefits in 2012

According to a recent announcement from the Social Security Administration, Americans in 2012 will see a 3.6 percent increase in monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits. The increase in benefits is estimated to affect more than 60 million Americans who receive such payments.

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